Branding with Archetypes Assessment

Are any of these true for you

  • You want to rebrand and want to be sure to attract your ideal client
  • You feel your current brand is not serving you well
  • You have changed your niche or ideal client and want to ensure your branding reflect these changes
  • You really want your brand to reflect the experience your clients will have working with you
  • You don’t feel you have reflected your ideal client in your brand previously and would like to address this

Then the Branding with Archetypes Assessment is a must for you.

Step 1.
Please complete the assessment. Go through each question quickly. Your first thought is usually your best thought. Answer based on the business you want to have, not the one you currently have. Please answer honestly and not what you think you would like the answer to be. The assessment shouldn’t take more than 8-10 minutes to complete.

Step 2.
Book a 30 minute complimentary analysis

  • The Branding with Archetypes assessment is a highly accurate tool, which will determine what the primary motivator and characteristics are for your business
  • Which will help you to create meaningful, thought provoking connections with your clients
  • To know where to focus intention and energy in your business
  • And that what a brand really means, is not just a logo, website or business card, but an experience, the experience your client will feel working with you.