Owning Your Money Story


Your Money Story formed around you

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Owning YOUR Money Story

Did you know though, that our Money Story, what we tell ourselves about money, our very relationship with money, is something we have taken through with us, from our childhood?

Your Money Story developed as a result of how money was around you, when you were child, as a result of how your parents were with money. Your Money Story formed around you, not as a result of you.

Did you hear phrases such as ‘shake the money tree’, ‘ you can’t have that, we can’t afford it’, ‘ they’re ok, they’re rich’, ‘there isn’t enough money’, ‘ you have to work all hours to make enough money’ etc’

But here is the thing, this isn’t YOUR Money Story, it is your parent’s Money Story, or the Money Story of the person or people that brought you up.

If this Money Story, comes from your childhood, why are you still seeing this as your Money Story today, now you are an adult ?

Do you still believe in Father Christmas….Do you still believe in the Tooth Fairy….Do you still believe the Easter Bunny brings all the chocolate….? No. So why do you still carry the Money Story that belongs to someone else ?

It is important to own YOUR Money Story, the Money Story that is a reflection of your life, experience and relationship with money now – not from when you were a child and had no control over it.

I recommend that you get a pen and paper and spend some time writing out your parents Money Story and then reflecting on how different it is to your own AND if it doesn’t currently feel very different to your own, what you need to do to make it different? What you need to do to really own YOUR money story and how to make your relationship with money really work for you.

When you own YOUR Money Story and make it work for you, wonderful things happen

  • You make more money
  • You become more confident with money
  • You attract more clients
  • Your business becomes more successful
  • You stop making excuses as to why “you can’t” and find ways to “why you can”.
  • You stop getting in your own way

Owning YOUR Money Story and really, truly owning it and taking full responsibility for it, is where magic absolutely happens, where impossible, becomes the art of the possible.

And anything is possible, in the art of the possible, when YOU OWN YOUR MONEY STORY.

Owning their Money Story is the first step in the journey I take my clients on, to really create the best version of themselves, the version that will see them and their business sky rocket in terms of revenue and success. The version of themselves where their Money Mindset serves them and doesn’t limit them. Your future is only limited, by the limits you place on it.

Want to discuss how we can work together, on YOUR Money Story, DM me.

Lesley in orange striped top

Owning YOUR Money Story