Your new relationship with money starts here

Our relationship with money is never won and done. It’s a continual process of working through new things that come up. However, once you have a methodology for dealing with money blocks as they appear, you are putting yourself in the ideal position, to be able to kick any limiting belief you have about money into touch. Before they have the chance to take hold and impact you, your business and your future.

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The only limitation is the one you place on yourself

I am on a mission to champion women to talk about money more

I’m here on a mission to champion women to talk more about money. I’m here to advocate. To empower. And to spotlight you. To take your hand and lead you towards what feels scary right now. To tell you, right here, right now that you don’t need to feel afraid. I’ve got you and together we can break down the journey to tick off your goals step by step.


Let’s explore the art of the possible


Together we can explore the art of the possible.


Nothing is off limits for us. We can achieve everything that we want. All the success that we desire. But so often what holds us back is not our ability, or our expertise or our passion. It’s our vision. It’s those limiting beliefs that make us question our next move.

And until we dig deep into understanding what those things are, what those triggers might be, we won’t be able to achieve our potential. That’s where the The Money Confidence Method™ comes in. During our 30 days together, you will have 4 DEEP dive sessions with me (weekly via zoom), and Voxer Access for 30 days to jumpstart your money journey.

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How you see your money, is how you live your life.

I found my way to experience freedom in the journey, and now I want to help you to do the same. I want to leave you inspired so you can be inspiring to those around you. So you can create your wave of change and achieve the success you want.

Investment in full: £1100


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It’s about your relationship with money

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In The Money Confidence Method

Over 30 days together we will explore:

  • Your current relationship with money
  • How this is impacting you personally and in your business
  • What is the root cause of those limiting beliefs you have around money
  • How you want to think, say, see and feel about money
  • Where you want to turn around the current relationship with money and what that will look like

Did you know?

I also run a two hour 121 called Money Breakthrough Transformation.

The Money Confidence Method™ is for you if…

• You are genuinely ready to create change in your life and business
• You want to finally feel confident to charge your worth
• You hate conversations about the dreaded ‘M’ word
• You want to create better boundaries
• You want to stop feeling inferior
• You know you need to invest to take the next step, but you’re holding yourself back
• You no longer want to make do with what’s not working
• You want the life of freedom that you know is out there
• You want to stand in your power once and for all
• You are ready to be unstoppable

Investment in full: £1100


Lauren Michaels

Working with Lesley has been nothing short of a revelation! I knew I wanted to improve my money mindset,

but I didn’t know how doing this would positively affect so many areas of my business! I have always loved what I do, but struggled with so many aspects of it, going live, putting myself out there, feeling overcome with feelings of self doubt and really not valuing myself. Lesley helped me to see, what I should have been able to see, but kept getting in my own way. She is the right mix of encouraging and challenging, and really helped me to see what was possible for me. I have increased my prices, several times and now have the right balance in my life, so I can enjoy it and not feel guilty all the time. If you want a coach to help you get results, and fast, you need Lesley.


Deb Mckenna

Thanks to Lesley I feel I have my sparkle back. Money and me have always had a tricky relationship,

and through working with Lesley I understand now that I have to be responsible for the relationship I want to have with it. I feel excited now when I think about everything that is possible, instead of worried and that is more than I ever thought possible. I have already booked two holidays for this year, thanks to Lesley showing me that I am ‘worth it’.

Together we can take a deep dive into the factors affecting your relationship with money, from beliefs, values, behaviours, self-esteem and motivation and then put the plans, support and action in place to create lasting change.

Let’s do it together

No more limiting decisions. No more doing the same old thing. No more feeling out of control.

This is your time, and together, we can get you feeling money confident.

Let’s do it together