Your Mindset Will Determine Your Success


“I can’t” should not exist within your vocabulary

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You don’t have to be perfect

The words “I can’t” should not exist within your vocabulary as a strong female entrepreneur. Especially when they are uttered without any effort to change “I can’t’ into ‘I did”.

Self-limiting thoughts and beliefs are destructive to goals, whether personal or business. The best way to rid yourself of them is to write down at least 5 limiting beliefs you are struggling to shake. Rewrite them in the most positive way possible and read these words to yourself a couple of times every day.

Always look at ways to stretch yourself, both personally and professionally.

Once you’ve converted limiting thoughts and beliefs into affirmations that inspire you to keep going, it is time to look at ways of stretching yourself professionally and personally. Never be kept down by a glass ceiling, no matter how daunting the prospect of breaking through it may seem.

Set your plans into motion by establishing 3/6/12 month goals

As your mindset becomes more positive with the use of affirmations, you will find it surprisingly easy to come up with short- and long-term goals. You can break them up into 3-month, 6-month- and 12-month goals and determine the action needed to get you to each finish line. Don’t forget to celebrate all your victories throughout!

Get an Accountability Buddy

No one ever said you had to follow a lonely road to success. Being surrounded by likeminded, positive people will get you to your goals even faster. Find yourself an Accountability Buddy, who will take the time to make sure you stick to your actions to reach your goals. Once you have found yourself a Buddy, take some time to create a Motivational Community as well. After all, there is much-needed strength to be found in numbers!

Take a break from time to time

Chugging ahead at a furious pace is great, especially when you see positive results. But don’t let the dangling profit carrot make you lose sight of the importance of taking a break. It is easy to become overwhelmed when success looms, therefore take some time to evaluate where you find yourself in the goal-reaching process. Taking a little time out, will re-energise you to see your goals through.

Focus on the journey and not the outcome

Don’t become so hyper-focused on your goals, that you lose interest in the journey, however. Half the fun of travelling is the journey to the destination, and it is the same with business.

Savour the moments in which you make new connections, ponder the possibilities, and let the journey of it all inspire you towards your next success.

Ditch the need for perfection

Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself. Life is unpredictable and can throw you a couple of curveballs, even when you’re doing everything right. Whenever things threaten to get out of hand, and you start feeling overwhelmed, remember to take a few steps back, take a break and then try again.

You don’t have to be perfect; just willing to do the best you can. Do this, and see the positive results stream in.


You don’t have to be perfect