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Rachel Power

As a new business owner, I was really uncomfortable with and fiercely resisting asking for money in return of my services.

As a result of coaching with Lesley, I have celebrated being able to talk about my fees openly and with ease. I have gained a new B2C 1:1 client. Am more confident negotiating fees with B2B clients and had a joint financial planning session with my husband that I have been avoiding.

Having coaching that’s specifically focussed on making money in my business has been invaluable. I can now see a real future for my business and am proud to share my vision with others. I am no longer anxious about speaking about fees and am learning into my top money archetype strengths.

My advice, if you are looking to be coached on your relationship with money, you’d be hard pushed to find someone who will care more about making sure you’re getting results than Lesley!

Bina Briggs

I wanted to learn more about money mindset and how I can apply it to myself and my business. There is always something new to learn. The challenges were not being away of some of the learnings available to me before this course. 

I was looking for clarity in what I could do better with my money but also implement new processes. I have stopped worrying about money and at the same time, I have become more focussed on making hard decisions. I’m actually eating a frog a day, every day! And the joy factor is increasing.

The piece of advice I would offer someone who wanted to work with Lesley – Go for it!

Emma Khan

Coaching with Lesley has been extremely beneficial for me!

I feel very stuck and unsure how to move forward with my business. I thought I wasn't a good businesswoman and didn't know how to cost myself in the market.

I will say to anyone that if they really want to change and are willing to make investment in themselves, it is really worth every penny as Lesley is very passionate about what she does for people and they will benefit 100%. My advice would be to just do it!