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The Money Confidence Academy 121

My signature 8 week 121 programme takes you on a money confidence journey, built around a deep dive into your relationship with money, at a conscious and unconscious level. Through weekly Zoom sessions we’ll uncover the factors affecting your relationship with money, from beliefs, values, behaviours, self-esteem and motivation and then work through the programme modules to reprogramme the way you approach the ‘M’ word.

Investment: £2200

Alternate payment options available



Money Breakthrough Transformation

If you’re ready to create a breakthrough in your relationship with money and overcome a particular block that you know is holding you back, these intensive 90 minute 121 sessions will be perfect for you. So by the end of the session you will have a new belief installed and you walk away feeling more confident with a boost to your self esteem, ready to take your next step.

Investment: £475 £250



Transform your money relationship - VIP day

This exclusive VIP day is designed to empower you to create a brand new relationship with money that creates positive lasting change. An option of a 3 hour session or a 6 hour session is available and hosted over Zoom. This 121 Workshop will give us the space and platform to transform how you feel about money, shifting it from where it is currently not serving you to one where you feel in control and ready to believe in the art of the possible.

Investment: 3 hour session £750 / 6 hour session £1350


The Money Confidence Method™

Our relationship with money is never won and done. It’s a continual process of working through new things that come up. In this month long journey, you'll learn transformational money methodology for dealing with money blocks as they appear. One of the goals is to put yourself in the ideal position, to be able to kick any limiting belief you have about money into touch. Before they have the chance to take hold and impact you, your business and your future.

Investment: £1100



The Money Confidence Academy
group 10 week programme

Designed to be immersive, impactful and create long lasting results, my signature 10 week group programme takes you through the process of exploring your relationship with money and redefining it to create a more empowering future for you and your business. Alongside a group of like minded entrepreneurs we’ll mix practical exercises with mindset focused sessions to create your new money confidence. And once you unlock that confidence, we will take your knowledge about how and where to invest your money to a whole new level, through a series of expert-led Masterclasses.

Investment: £997


3 Week 'Talk Pricing with Confidence' Sprint



Jenn Lee

I wasn’t sure how much could be achieved in a single session,

so I was really surprised and encouraged, when Lesley really did help me to have a breakthrough in my limiting beliefs about money! My money mindset has been off for a long time, but after spending the session with Lesley, I feel I have more clarity and self belief than I have had for a long time! Lesley performs miracles!


Penny Power OBE

Lesley ran an incredible webinar to our BIP100 Members on Money Mindset

and the impact our beliefs can have when we run our own business. It was 90 minutes of powerful storytelling and tips and some major lightbulb moments. one of my clients said "Lesley is brilliant, her session is one of the best'. I can strongly recommend Lesley as a Coach and Speaker, great delivery and delivers powerful shifts in how we see money and manage our brand, pricing and life.