Sacred Money Archetypes Assessment

Do any of these sound like you

  • Feeling negative talk or self doubt holding you back
  • Under charging or over delivering
  • Uncomfortable with the idea of raising your fees
  • Spending too much time on low end offers
  • Trading your money for time
  • Giving away your time

Now it’s time to complete the Money Archetypes Assessment.

Step 1.
Please complete the assessment. Go through each question quickly. Your first thought is usually your best thought. Answer based on your total life experience and not just where you are today. Please answer honestly and not what you think you would like the answer to be. The assessment shouldn’t take more than 6 minutes to complete.

Step 2.
Book a 30 minute complimentary analysis with me. You will

  • Learn which Top 3 Archetypes are responsible for how you lead your life and run your business, how negative messages may be creating the wrong direction for you and way to overcome this.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of your relationship with money and why you might experience conflict with it.
  • Learn how to work to your strengths and reduce the challenge that may come from your money archetypes.
  • Discover that how we ‘do money is how we do everything’, yet many entrepreneurs do struggle to have a balanced relationship with money.