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Are you a driven business owner eager to amplify your success and financial results? 'Your Money CV Business Accelerator' – the ultimate program offered has been designed to ignite your financial potential and supercharge your business growth.

What is 'Your Money CV Business Accelerator'?

'Your Money CV Business Accelerator' is a comprehensive 6-week program that combines the transformative power of the 4-week Core Money Process with an additional 2 weeks of laser-focused business planning. It's the perfect blend of personal growth and strategic action, tailored for entrepreneurs like you who are ready to thrive!

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The only limitation is the one you place on yourself

I am on a mission to champion women to talk about money more

I’m here on a mission to champion women to talk more about money. I’m here to advocate. To empower. And to spotlight you. To take your hand and lead you towards what feels scary right now. To tell you, right here, right now that you don’t need to feel afraid. I’ve got you and together we can break down the journey to tick off your goals step by step.


Let’s explore the art of the possible


Together we can explore the art of the possible.


Nothing is off limits for us. We can achieve everything that we want. All the success that we desire. But so often what holds us back is not our ability, or our expertise or our passion. It’s our vision. It’s those limiting beliefs that make us question our next move.

And until we dig deep into understanding what those things are, what those triggers might be, we won’t be able to achieve our potential. That’s where Your Money CV Business Accelerator comes in. During our comprehensive 6-week program that combines the transformative power of the 4-week Core Money Process with an additional 2 weeks of laser-focused business planning, we will ignite your financial potential and supercharge your business growth.

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How you see your money, is how you live your life.

I found my way to experience freedom in the journey, and now I want to help you to do the same. I want to leave you inspired so you can be inspiring to those around you. So you can create your wave of change and achieve the success you want.

Investment in full: £1,111


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It’s about your relationship with money

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Your Money CV Business Accelerator

Weeks 1-4: The Core Money Process In the initial 4 weeks, we will embark on an illuminating journey into your Money Mindset. We will dive deep into your personal history with money. Together, we will...

  • Unpack Your Money Bio: Trace your financial journey from your earliest memory of money to your current financial situation. Discover the hidden patterns that have influenced your relationship with money.
  • Explore Your Parental Mirror: Identify the beliefs – both positive and negative – inherited from your parents, and understand how they impact your financial decisions today.
  • Discover Your Money Types: Gain insights into your unique Money Types and how they influence your financial choices.
  • Craft Your Life Inventory: Take a comprehensive inventory of your life to create a personalised plan that aligns your business with your purpose, ensuring both financial and personal success.

Weeks 5-6: Business Planning Excellence  During these next two weeks, we will dive into your business with precision and focus. You will...

  • Develop Your Strategic Business Plan: Create a concrete, actionable roadmap that leverages your newfound Money Confidence to drive business growth.
  • Implement Your Vision: Align your business strategy with your personal purpose and vision, ensuring your business becomes a powerful tool for achieving your goals.

Did you know?

I also run a two hour 121 called Money Breakthrough Transformation.

Why Choose 'Your Money CV Business Accelerator'?

  • Holistic Approach: Seamlessly integrate personal growth and business strategy to maximize your potential.
  • Transformation: Unlock your full financial potential and supercharge your business growth.
  • Empowerment: Gain the clarity, confidence, and action plan needed to achieve your business dreams.
  • Alignment: Ensure your business strategy aligns perfectly with your life purpose and desired impact.

The Money Confidence Academy is your trusted partner in unlocking your full financial and business potential. Together, we'll rewrite your money story, supercharge your business, and create the lasting success you deserve.

Don't let limiting beliefs and past patterns hold you back any longer. It's time to step into your financial and entrepreneurial power and achieve the success you've always dreamed of.

Join 'Your Money CV Business Accelerator' now and take the first step towards a brighter financial and business future. Your journey to financial confidence, business growth, and personal fulfillment starts here!

Investment: One Time Payment of £1,111 or 2 Monthly Payments of £596


Nicola J Rowley

I loved working with Lesley, she helped me break down any limiting beliefs I had around money and showed me how to embrace not only abundance in an on-going way but what wasn't serving me so I could navigate my new chapter ahead.

It means as a result, I've been able to reset my mindset around money and to focus on the wins, the positives and what's truly possible both for me, my clients and for the legacy I'll be leaving my little boy.
Working with Lesley was a great investment and coupled with her expertise and knowledge, was a no-brainer. I have left the process feeling more fulfilled, and excited about what's still to come.

Lesley knows what she's talking about. Listen to what she says. Trust the process and what you put in, you will get back out and then some. And yes, there is a lot of work to do - but it's like anything - you either choose to change or you carry on doing what you have always done. If you know you have a money mindset issue, then check Lesley out to see if she's the right fit for you. She certainly has been for me.


KF, Presenter and Facilitator for Change.

Working with Lesley has been surprising. I thought I would be working on my relationship with money but what I realised was I was working on my relationship with my dreams.

No matter where you are in your life or how successful you are, there is always room to be more of who you can be. Thank you for giving me the confidence to believe that.

The value she offers is not just the great processes she has, not just the extra hypnosis audio she has, but the intuition she has to find what’s getting in your way of achieving all you can be.

What I realised was when I healed my relationship with money I also unleashed the power of accepting my dream. Money mindset was the stepping stone to thinking bigger, braver and bolder. Now I’ve accepted what my dream is I have no excuse but to pursue it – whether I achieve it now, later, fully or partially. I owe it to myself to pursue it and not fear it. I am in control of my mind and my time and I now know how to use both.

If something is stopping you from making that bigger step in life, relationships or your business I’d highly recommend you book some sessions with Lesley.

Together we can take a deep dive into the factors affecting your relationship with money, from beliefs, values, behaviours, self-esteem and motivation and then put the plans, support and action in place to create lasting change.

Let’s do it together

No more limiting decisions. No more doing the same old thing. No more feeling out of control.

This is your time, and together, we can get you feeling money confident.

Let’s do it together