Explore your relationship with money.

Understand who you are. Redefine your future.

Are you ready for a more empowering future for you and your business? Is it time to forget the quick fixes and create positive change that lasts?

This 10 week group programme is designed to take you through my signature, immersive and impactful process, empowering you to become your own financial cheerleader. And in turn increase the income in your business.

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Understand who you are. Define your future

Let’s explore the art of the possible

I know how it can feel, when the ‘M’ word is raised and all you want to do is run away from the conversation and hide. When you feel like you must be the only person in the world, let alone in business who feels this way.


Together nothing is impossible

But let me tell you now, today, you’re not alone. There is always someone out there who is experiencing what you’re going through. And there is always another way, a better way.


But it’s only when we discuss it, when we are open and honest about it, and communicate it to each other that we can create change.


That’s what the Money Confidence Academy is all about. I’m here to champion you to finally open up and have those honest conversations about money. I’m here to help you reprogram your money mindset and develop your brand new money confidence.

And you don’t just get me. You get a group of likeminded women, all on the same journey, and all ready to flick the switch once and for all. Ready to make an impact in the way they show up, the way they live and the way their business thrives.

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Together nothing is impossible.
Together we can explore the art of the possible.

Over the course of 10 weeks we’ll come together in a safe, supportive and inspirational space where you can share, and grow and borrow each other’s belief until you are ready to soar for yourselves.

Money is the key to everything you want to achieve and the moment you understand and own your relationship with it, everything changes. And once you unlock that new found confidence, we will take your knowledge about how and where to invest your money to a whole new level, through a series of expert-led Masterclasses.


Investment in full: $1550

Alternate payment options available

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This is your journey

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I am here to champion you


A 10 week journey to total Money Confidence

This is your journey. It’s about your relationship with money. So we have to understand where that mindset comes from. What sparked it. What triggers it. And throughout this signature program we’ll cover everything from discovering and connecting to those foundational beliefs, to reprogramming the relationship you have and creating a plan for the future so you can truly stand in your power.

Once you unlock that confidence, we will take your knowledge about how and where to invest your money to a whole new level, through a series of expert-led Masterclasses.

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Here is your Blueprint to a new and improved confident relationship with money, that allows you to take full control of your finances and your future.

The Blueprint

Week 1:
Celebrating YOU

Creating the baseline from which your relationship with money, your sense of self worth and self esteem, thrives.

Week 2:
Money Archetypes

How you do money is how you do everything, understanding what your personal Money archetypes are, helps inform your relationship with money and empowers your decisions moving forward.

Week 3:
Your Future Self

Connecting emotionally to your Future Self, clearly creates empowering, intentional action, that moves you from where you are, to where you want to be, and identify the gaps that may stop you from getting there.

Week 4:
Money Breakthrough Coaching Session

Identify the triggers for your limiting beliefs and install a new supporting belief, right at the core of where it has not been supporting you previously.

Week 5:
Your Environment

What is supporting you, distracting you, holding you back or needs to change. What resources are available to you, which you might have previously overlooked.

Week 6:
Empowering You

Utilising the right tools to really fire up your sense of who you are and what you are truly capable of. What habits do you need to have, what actions do you need to follow through on consistently. What does success look like for you.

Week 7:
Create a Powerful Money Makeover

You are looking for a way to take control of your relationship with money and create a brighter future. That’s where Creating a Powerful Money Makeover comes in. Together we create a powerful money makeover that will change your life for the better.

Week 8:
Shatter Your Glass Money Ceiling

Most people feel like they could do more if they only had more money. But what if there was a different way to think about money? What if you could shatter your glass money ceiling and finally start making the kind of money you want and deserve?

Week 9:
Creating a Brighter Future

You have the right to a bright and empowering future, and this session will allow you to experience this from different timelines, creating a new perspective and reflect on a Brighter Future.

Week 10:
Money Forward - Taking persistent, consistent action

This is not the end, but the end of the beginning. A chance to state your intentions, create the action and commit to next steps, to move your relationship with money and your Future Self forward, powerfully.

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Let’s talk money

Is it for me?

The Money Confidence Academy is for you if…

• You are genuinely ready to create change in your life and business
• You want to finally feel confident to charge your worth
• You hate conversations about the dreaded ‘M’ word
• You want to create better boundaries
• You want to stop feeling inferior
• You know you need to invest to take the next step, but you’re holding yourself back
• You no longer want to make do with what’s not working
• You want the life of freedom that you know is out there
• You want to stand in your power once and for all
• You are ready to be unstoppable

Investment in full: $1550

Alternate payment options available

Now is the time to explore the art of the possible. To redefine what you can do, and what you can achieve. The future is yours for the taking, and together we can transform money from the thing holding you back, to the key that unlocks your ultimate success.


The money confidence academy VIP

If you would like to upgrade to get even more access to me throughout the journey then becoming a Money Confidence Academy VIP will be perfect for you. On top of the full programme you will also unlock the following:
• 1:1 Voxer Support throughout Programme
• 3 x 45 Minute 121 Support calls


Investment in full: $2245

Alternate payment options available


It’s time to transform your relationship with money